Friday, February 19, 2010

Party Villa

I awoke last night at 4 a.m. to the sounds of chicks screaming, people yelling and music blaring. Aha! This must be the party people my husband keeps telling me about. I go out to the balcony to be nosey. The party villa was in full affect. There were cars lined up around the villa and people coming in and out. You can always tell it's a party when there are 2 bouncer guys at the door letting people in. This was a typical Kuwaiti party, in order for a guy to gain entry he must bring a girl no matter what shape she's in. It's BYOB (bring your own beer) but here it's probably a bottle of Red Label. The people show up with gift bags containing their booze.

As I'm watching the scene a black and white police car 6916 pulls up slowly to the front. Alright! I'm going to see some action right? WRONG! They pull past the villa and turn left. Drunk half-naked chicks stumble out of the party trying to find their way to their car. Music blaring as the athan (call to prayer) goes off. The police car comes back to the villa and stops. A guy wearing jeans and a shirt gets out of the police car and goes to the party! Are you serious?? Now the police are giving rides to parties? I'm sure some of his fellow officers are inside too. If they get a call to a party that expats are throwing they will close it down but Kuwaiti parties rarely, unless it's exposed by someone of importance.

Rules? What rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules!


  1. I guess i missed out on this party, kuwait is a dull town, no action, i miss the big apple, I just need to hang in for a few more weeks.

  2. I need a party,where this villa is?Im bored in kuwait

  3. This is a Kuwaiti villa and you have to be on their guest list. There are some parties thrown by expats you have to ask around or you can take a trip to Bahrain for the day.


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