Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Actual Zoo Animals

I want to post pictures of the actual zoo animals we went to see. This time they seem a little bit more healthier and some of the animals that were in bad shape the last time I visited are no longer there. Maybe they died. Who knows? I would like to see them given water on hot days at least. They actually have a wide range of animals, from iguanas to camels. I did see some displays that were donated by businesses so some people actually care.

The pony and her baby.

The crazy male bird who was chasing the female all over the cage.

I love the peacocks.

Mr. Elephant looking for something to eat.

The monkeys that were being fed candy.

I wish we could raise awareness for these animals.


  1. Thanks for the pics. I can't wait to go to the Kuwaiti Zoo.

  2. Good luck raising awareness, I have been trying to "fix" the animal situation in Kuwait since I came 10 yrs ago, Friday Market for example...no luck so far...but good luck and thanks for bringing the situation to the public....maybe someone will read this blog and do something about the poor animals in Kuwait...they want to be a tourist country..well first they need to fix some of the problems that will bother all tourist coming to Kuwait...

  3. hey, u missed the peacock dance at the Kuwait Zoo. Check here http://q8life.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/peacock-dance-kuwait-zoo/

  4. Thanks for the post, I have never been to the zoo here! I want to check out the animals and the state they are in.

  5. Its horrible place for animals ..they have no idea and dif of wild and domestic pets ..some where in 1997/8/9 elephant committed suicide by banging his head on wall ..due to terrible condition he was kept ...I cried for days ..
    These ppl keep now all sort of wild animals at home ..
    Can any one open their eyes pls that wild has to be in wild and its not a place for animals ...temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius ..tell me who can survive ???

  6. Its not a place for animals ..


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