Sunday, April 18, 2010

Response from Arab Times

After bringing this issue to the attention of the Manager Maqsood Khalil, he assured me he would look into the situation and educate the editor. He offered me his apology, which I will accept as I don't have time these days to go there personally. Again to those who obviously thought I overreacted I think it's only fair I should be credited for my piece and that's why I made a big deal about it. I'm sure the editor will read it and hopefully next time show courtesy by asking my permission first.


  1. Yah, thats the least they could do is ask your permission...and we all know its not the States but you could ask...or at least list your blog site address for all to read your interesting comments.....keep up the good work girlfriend....

  2. What do you mean over reacted! You wrote it and the rules of Journalism are clear across all borders! You don't copy! Crystal clear! I can understand some kids copying parts to finish their reports, but this is a publication that makes a profit!

  3. Hey, just stumbled across your page! Don't fret about it - your reaction is quite understandable! Looking forward to more entries from you! I'm an expat residing in Kuwait too. :)


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