Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adventures as a Teacher

I started working in a Bilingual school recently (only because I can't find a contracting job) and let me say it has been quite an experience. These kids are (thinking of a nice word) a handful. They act as if they have never been disciplined in their life. I saw a cute little boy and then he smiled and WOW! he had a mouthful of rotten teeth. How sad. I can only ask myself why his parents would let that happen especially when they have free dental.

That is until I see what they bring for lunch, I'm surprised they have any teeth at all. Sugary drinks and chocolate candy. Nothing healthy at all. They buy two or three ice creams on certain days and when tempted with healthy sandwiches from La Baguette they won't take a second glance. There is such a big problem with diabetes and obesity here. Prevention should start with the kids.

In the states we are provided hot breakfast and lunches for free or a small charge. If children are given a healthy breakfast they can focus more at school. These kids are so hyped up on sugar they try to kill each other on the playground. No concentration, they just want to bounce off the walls. Schools should promote healthy eating and good hygiene routines. The Ministry should get involved at an early stage to try to avoid these health problems. I feel so bad when I see girls and boys with a mouthful of black and silver teeth, it has to affect their self-esteem too.

The kids have no respect for the teachers unless they look Western and even then they don't care. One boy slapped one of our male American teachers and knocked his glasses off. How does a school control children who aren't show discipline at home? When the parents are notified they become irate and act the same as their kids. Take away the kid's recess, they don't care or taking away privileges doesn't work either. What is a teacher to do?

I hope I can go back to contracting, it's way easier than teaching! Bravo to all the teachers in Kuwait you deserve a lot of credit for the work you do.


  1. Heya! I didnt realize it had gotten so tough to find a job as a contractor here right now?

  2. I think my luck sucks or I don't know the right people? Either way it's been 3 years and nothing.

  3. I believe in the mantra that the kid should be punish and a spank on the butt does the kid some good! Some of these kids are insane like you said, and my hat goes off to a lot of teachers! They seriously work very hard, and these kids are a serious handful! Some of these parents want to get rid of the responsibility during the day and don't think about anything else! Healthy eating is the last on their mind since they don't take care of themselves!


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