Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kuwait Zoo need I say More?

Ahhh yes finally a trip to the zoo. My mom decided we should take the kids to the zoo. The perfect opportunity to grab my camera and take some pictures to show the mentality of people who visit the zoo in this country. Normally people can't get close to the animals and there are people who work there taking care of the animals, majority of whom have university degrees in various fields dedicated to taking care of zoo animals. There are veterinarians who take care of the medical needs and check up on the welfare of the animals.

Welcome to Kuwait Zoo. There are security guards but they don't do anything because they are afraid they will get slapped by some of the visitors. So they just watch as kids go into the animal displays and feed the animals chips and bread. The first time I visited the zoo I saw 2 boys in the desert tortoise display and they were standing on the turtle. My kids were in shock and disbelief. There were soda cans and people feeding the animals leaves off the toxic bushes.

I bought peanuts for the kids to feed to the elephants. When we got to the elephants there were people standing in the corner handing food to the elephant and he would take it in his trunk. I went over to give it some peanuts and in front of me were an Egyptian man and his kids trying to feed the elephant chocolate candy. I kind of yelled at him not to feed it chocolate and my husband told him in Arabic. I came up to the elephant and gave him some peanuts which was kind of gross.

I walked off and came back to the elephants and watched people throw bread and chips and leaves off the toxic bush. There was an Indian lady handing it bread. I sort of grabbed her hand and told her they don't eat bread just as her husband told me it's OK. I asked him when was the last time he saw an elephant making a sandwich in the jungle? He continued to babble on and on. I had to walk off before I knocked someone out.

The animals had no water and it was hot that day. Who takes care of them? Does anyone really care? They feed monkeys candy and chips, do they really think they should eat that? There is no one to educate the people, they are left running wild through the park. The hippo swims in some nasty green water and the tigers walk in circles like they are delirious. There are signs posted about not feeding the animals but no one follows any rules.

The sign at the entrance.

The people eating, having a pic-nic and littering.

The do not feed the animals sign.

The lovely kids inside the pen with the goats.

Bambi enjoying popcorn.

I never knew animals ate gummy bears.

The main reason behind educating people and teaching them what's right and wrong.


  1. I havent had the chance to go to the zoo yet but I'm in total shock!! This is sooo sad to hear! I just don't understand! Where are the minds of people??? Where is the common sense?? Makes me love back home even more :(

  2. So you are saying that the animals were on the wrong side of the fence?

  3. I honestly feel sorry for the animals at the Zoo! There is no education as to what should be done! And the Zoo should seriously be revamped!

    They should build distance barriers so they can't get up close and they can't feed them! I can't imagine some of these animals going nuts!

  4. Hey you forgot to tell them about the kid inside the BLACK BEAR ENCLOSURE!!!!! Yes indeed the kid had climbed under the Protective??? fence and was trying to get inside with the bears..oh my GOD...he was just about to make it when I spotted him and yelled at him to get the heck outta gkids yelled at him in all different languages heheheh...I think we freaked him out more than the bears..heheh...

  5. It really makes you wonder about the mentality of the "visitors" - I really think they've put the wrong animals behind bars!!!!

  6. I definitely think they have put the wrong "animals" behind bars!!!

  7. Hello
    According to one in zoo staff they said ( we Suffering from the Bad behavior and barbaric behavior of some visitors...andAnd we are always warning of security on this matter and take the maximum penalties against them if they do not ... and the role required management of the zoo will try to change the current security to the Kuwaiti security men because of their greater impact.
    Staff had their utmost effort to prevent and stop and sometimes expel any visitor outside the zoo due to the bad behavior toward animals and the public also
    But due to staff shortages this effect does not appear because of the many visitors ..
    As for the negative remarkes about the animals are not true ... the zoo management they are doing there utmost potential for the development of t he zoo to serve and put the animals and the public .. Its aim is essential to scientific and educational ... negative remarks about the zoo, mostly due As I mentioned are the bad behavior of the audience threw dirt and harmful foods to feed the animals .. What visitors do not know that there are animals and birds did not breed since 12-16 years and Kokatu Jawvens Almkao Blue and Gold Maha Asameetar and a hippo and a lot of animals. .. This is indicative of the success of the zoo .. and the bad but the public is present and the problem of every zoo in the world)

  8. hello
    chick out that

  9. chick out kuwait zoo on facebook...
    they are doing great job...huge changes going around in kuwait zoo...


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