Friday, April 2, 2010

TGIF- Fried Green Beans

Has everyone tried the fried green beans at TGIF? They are so freakin' good if your lucky enough to get some. Has anyone had problems trying to order these? I've already wrote about one incident I had trying to order them but it seems the staff at TGIF are picking and choosing who they serve them to. Is it really a dish that's so popular they continuously run out of it?

A new TGIF opened in Abu Halaifa about a week ago and my mom went there specifically to order the fried green beans. One manager said they didn't receive a shipment while another manager said they ran out even though they opened the day before. My mom kept insisting they had them but the denied having them at all. After a management huddle one of them came and offered my mom free dessert. My sister went to the same place and tried to order them with no luck. Could it really be possible they are picking and choosing who they serve it to?

I guess it's my turn to go there and try to order some. Last time I spotted some American guys eating them, that was the only way I got some. Every time my family goes to TGIF they look around hoping to spot someone eating them. I think it's really pathetic that TGIF doesn't order enough of it to go around. This has been a problem for a long time, I would think they would stock up on them in order to please their customers. I just want to know if anyone else has had this kind of experience so I'm taking a toll to see how many people have ordered them and received them compared to those who have ordered them and been told there aren't any available.

If I don't get any I think I will hold a protest in front of the restaurant!!


  1. I ordered and received my first order of fried green beans at the new TGIFridays two days ago - no arguing or asking twice. And they were delicious...just as good as fried pickles.

  2. I haven't been to TGIF Fridays in over in 12 years in Kuwait! I just stopped going! Their service just wasn't what it used to be!

  3. I ordered Crispy Green Beans from the TGIF's in 360 Mall and was told the same thing..that they had just ran out of Crispy Green Beans the day before...they got so nervous and it wa sad when both the managers started waiting on me and served me my food.....??? What is going on with this green bean issue,would somebody please tell me?

  4. I'm not going back to any TGF in Kuwait. Everytime I eat there my stomach gets sick. I think is the way they wash the dishes, don't know. I've been to the one at Marina Mall, the one at Gulf Road and last week to the one in Abu Halifa wich is very close to me. I figured because it's a new one could be different, but no.. bad food, bad stomach. No more TGF for me. I rather to have delicious food, excellent service and amazing view at Cafe Supreme in Al-Kout Mall.


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