Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amigos- Mexican Food

One of the things I miss most about California is Mexican food. Burritos, tacos, nachos and fajitas oh so good. I'm not talking Taco Bell either, although I love it too. I'm talking about home made Mexican food from little restaurants that are on almost every corner in Cali. They have trucks that sell little Mexican tacos in Los Angeles which most people visit after clubbing. I've been told that there used to be a Taco Bell here as well as an Arby's but have since closed down. There is a Taco Bell at Camp Arifjan but it's not the same. I ordered some tacos for the kids and by the time I got home it was greasy mess. Plus it's freaking expensive.

I've gone to Chi-Chi's in Salmiya but wasn't impressed at all. Chi-Chi is actually a slang name for a woman's chest. I guess the owner didn't know that or maybe it's some kind of franchise. I do like Taco Time but only the one in Salmiya, the one here in Mahboula doesn't taste the same. It's funny how they serve tater tots with burritos but it's pretty good.

Now let me talk about Amigos in Avenues Mall. Now that's what I call a burrito. That sucker is huge! You start off on the left and make your way down choosing the kind of rice and beans and adding whatever you like. Although I'm used to that process it seems people in this country can't seem to understand it. They stand at the register and order not realizing the process flow. Hello! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize you have to wait in line and do something in order.

They have red rice and white lemon rice, pinto and black beans, meat and steak and all the Mexican additions needed in making a burrito. They give you some nachos with cheese or salsa and a drink. I can't say enough about it, just writing about it makes me hungry. I just hate that it's located in the Avenues, so freaking far from me. For the owner!!! Please oh Please bring it out here to the Mahboula area!!!!!! I have to sike myself up to go to the Avenues because in actuality I really don't like to go there. But when I get that craving for a burrito I make the journey.

Hola Amigos!

The menu.

You choose your toppings.

I prefer Spanish rice.

Yah baby!

Meal Deal.

I'm so hungry!


  1. no no no lol im mexican and let me tell u this is nothing like our food im living in kuwait as well and u can prepare delicious mexican food at home!!

  2. Thats pretty good! But honestly my favorite place to go on the west coast was Chiptole, I don't care if it was franchised that place had fresh mexican food and damn good too! lol

  3. Well I would love to have home made Mexican food but I'm white and my ex-in-laws are in California, unless you want to be my new best friend "O" lol There aren't really alot of ingredients here either? Ahhhh I wish I had a big glass or Horchata or Jamaica and some little tacos off the taco stand in Tijuana. Ahhh the good ole' days!!!1

  4. yeah why not..... i can share some recipes ;)

  5. Mexican food is a cuisine originating from Mexico. It is known for its heavy use of spices and flavorings. Mexican cuisine is a general counterpart to food, circulating around the history and other things. Mexican desserts are served after main meals. Mexican restaurants are the places that prepare the food and serve the dishes to customers. In addition, there are various Mexican food recipes that one can follow to try replicating what the restaurants prepare. There are many Mexican drinks to consider, many of them alcoholic, because those are widely viewed as irreplaceable to the whole dining experience with this cuisine.


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