Friday, May 14, 2010

Elevator People

Last night my husband and I arrived home after picking up some food from McDonald's. As we got out of the car an Arab girl wearing abaya and hijab approached the apartment building from the street. Nothing odd about it except it was at night and she was walking down the middle of the street really fast. I don't know if she was Kuwaiti or not but it's odd for a female to be walking down the street at night.

I didn't recognize her from our building either. She made it to the elevator first, as the door opens she went inside and we followed. She didn't push a floor or anything, umm ok? My husband had his back to her and she was just staring at me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her spit on the floor! Ewwww! I told my husband "I know she didn't just spit on the floor". She just sat there with spit on the corner of her mouth staring at me. AWKWARD! I think that had to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences recently.

All I could say was Humdulilah Al Shikr. It's like I got this feeling she was cursing me or something. The doors opened to our floor and I ran out. Sometimes a trip in an elevator can be one of the longest or scariest experiences.


  1. I would have cursed her out in Arabic. That's just me though.

  2. I thought about it, I would've cursed her in English, Arabic, Spanish and whatever else came to mind but honestly she frightened me. Who knows, maybe she had a weapon. Actually I thought about go Bahhhhhh!!!!!! to her hehe. It was better just to jump out quickly.

  3. Lol good thing you didn't go bahhhh! What's up with these weird incidents?! There was a suspicious fully clad figure with abaya and hijab hanging outside my bro in laws apartment the other day. Just lingering/ hovering on the stairwell.

    I think there are some aliens in disguise......

  4. Now thats freaky! What the hell was she doing?

  5. Many prostitutes use an abaya as a handy disguise to enter apartment buildings and meet their clients. There is one well known lebanese restaurant in Hawally where they regularly pick up clients and haggle over prices in the car park - wearing their best abayas and nija masks!

  6. ha ha ha, ninja masks !


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