Friday, May 28, 2010

Applebee's regulars

I took the kids to Applebee's for an early dinner aside from the usual people (people from ITT I used to work with, Philipina chicks with their ancient husbands and the John Deere tractor guy with overalls up to his neck) there was what I call the Kuwaiti stalker guy. Looking out the window I noticed a contractor lady with a Kuwaiti guy in the front seat. Immediately I knew it was that guy. I guess he was hitching a ride with her.

Now this Kuwaiti guy has been hanging around Applebee's for 4 years that I know of. You can't miss him, he's an older Kuwaiti guy with a big mustache and an even bigger stomach. I had the unfortunate experience of meeting with him once over dinner. He started talking about a used car lot and his cars and some other BS. Supposedly he's a businessman But I think he's a flake and a weirdo. He's always leaching on to American people and he uses his English to make friends with them.

I don't get good vibes off the guy personally and I think he's kinda creepy. I wonder if his Kuwaiti wife know he's catching rides off American women. I don't know if he's an actual businessman or someone trying to make some money by being a subcontractor. I haven't seen him in a while but then he appears at the restaurant today. He will sit for hours drinking coffee and waiting for prime contractor time.

Who knows if he's legit but I call him the Applebee's stalker.


  1. oh my GOD, I can't believe he is still there???You sure he isnt the body guard for Applebees?

  2. LOL!!!!!!! His name is F*****, and obviously he's the most famous Applebees customer. He tried talking to me several times, and at one point I thought he was following me because he kept showing up wherever I was (Al Kout, Starbucks, Alia Galia, etc.) Very creepy. Love your blog, thanks for the morning laugh. ;)There's more to his story but I'm not going to publish it here. :) P.S. I'm on Facebook, would love to add you there.

  3. Oh yah he also shows up at McDonald's too. I just roll my eyes when I see him. Stinni send me an e-mail with your facebook info so I can add you.

  4. so what is the story with the creepy guy? you guys hooked me on with this :) gotta know the end....



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