Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going Green in Kuwait

From the looks of things in Kuwait there aren't any type of recycling programs here unlike Dubai, they have separated cans for plastic, paper and cans. The only items I've seen dumpster divers go after are the cardboard boxes and the guys go crazy for steel wires that stick out of bulldozed buildings. It's unfortunate when you go to the beach and see plastic bottles, plastic bags, styrofoam things and garbage washing up.

I recently heard about women who weave donated plastic bags into purses and baskets. I thought wow what a unique and interesting concept. Bianca from Early Bird Cafe was nice enough to give me some information about the program and the items. The women who are sheltered at the Ethiopian embassy weave the purses and baskets to help them out with their individual problems. The items range from 1KD up to 20 KD. All monies earned go back to the shelter to help offset their costs.

They are always in need of plastic bags to make their items and you can help recycle bags by donating them to Bianca at the Early Bird Cafe in Fahaheel or Jabriya. Let's do what we can to help these ladies out. Everyone needs a little help in their time of need. Donate bags or maybe purchase some of their items either action would be greatly appreciated! Remember if you donate even one bag it will not only help these ladies but the environment too. Kuwait needs all the environmental protection help it can get.

One of their colorful purses.

Baskets are their newest creations.

Some of the ladies working on their creations. Their faces were blocked out for their privacy.

See how it looks on your shoulder.

Thanks Bianca for your help. If anyone is interested please contact Bianca:

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  1. Its a very good step they are taking! We really do need recycling programs in Kuwait, they did a whole thing about it a while back, almost 10 years ago but nothing after that!


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