Saturday, May 1, 2010

Problem with changing car Windshields

A common problem in Kuwait is the rocks and debris on the roads that end up as projectiles when we drive. There are cleaning machines that are supposed clean up junk left on the streets and highways, I think they only make the problem worse by loosening up the junk. Everyone in Kuwait will experience one of these projectiles that will put a big crack or hole in your windshield. Usually it's a pretty routine job.

You go to the glass replacement company and they do their job, that's in the states. Here you have to go bargain for the glass and once they see you are foreign they try to jack up the prices. My husband tried to hide me with the visor so they wouldn't see me and raise the prices. Once you've chose the glass the next problem you face is the replacement job. Last time they changed my windshield and forgot to replace the seal, of course I didn't find that out until it rained and soaked up the interior of my car.

The other problem that bugs me even more is the tape they use to hold the glass in place. Every business in this country tries to take the cheapest route when providing service. This tape they use is the cheap clear tape that will leave a residue on any item it touches. A couple days later I see dirt left on the tape residue surrounding my windshield. It's almost impossible to remove it from the paint. I couldn't imagine having a brand new car and having that residue left on the paint.

All of this brings me back to the states. We have a blue tape that the companies use when replacing glass. It holds the glass in and you simply pull it off and there is NO residue left. Why oh why can't someone bring that here??? I will have to replace the windshield of my other car soon but I will wait until I order the blue tape from the states. The residue really messes up white paint. So for those who plan on going back home and own a car here I'd suggest getting some of that tape. It may come in handy one day!

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