Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Camel Farms

When you live in Kuwait for a long time you are always searching for something new to do. During the winter months we pack up the family and go to the camel farms near Kabd. It's nice for the kids to get the chance to be up close and personal with the camels. Sometimes there are a couple tents set up with some old Kuwaiti guys chillin and drinking tea. They are usually pretty nice and will invite you to sit for tea. They will start telling you stories about old Kuwait.

Once we brought one of our American friends with us and she tried to ride a camel. It didn't turn out so good. As she sat on the camel it stood up and she was clinging on to the camel looking like Spiderman on the side of the camel. Thank goodness she didn't get hurt (I was laughing on the inside). We stick to looking at them after that. Sometimes the auction starts up and some old toothless dude starts yelling prices. So don't get frightened when you hear it over the loud speaker.

Try not to make eye contact with the owners as they think it's funny to untie the male camel so that he can chase after the female and start mating, all the while asking for your phone number. Ewww! True story! They don't see single American chicks that often. We did experience drinking fresh camel's milk. My mom dared me so I had to. Everyone tried it except my daughter she flat out refused. It tasted like cream but if you drink too much you will need a bathroom immediately. What can I say it's another experience in Kuwait you would never get in the states.

On the opposite side of the road there are some horses and a camel to ride along with some little ATVs for kids. Once again take a man with you or you will be treated like fresh meat. But some of them just want to look.

Momma and baby.

There are different colored ones.

Baby season.

Camels, camels and more camels.

Can't get enough of the babies.

Remember to take a man with you, it makes it easier.


  1. Hi, I am new to Kuwait. I was wondering if you knew of anywhere that offers camel rides?

  2. haha xD lol its really fun camel ride .. and i like your blog its nice surely like you to keep us updated :D luv luv luv ur blog

  3. plzzzz i am looking for something to learn about camels

  4. Hello,
    My husband and I are possibly going to drive out there tomorrow for something to do. Do you remember the name of the place you went... I know this post is very old... sorry!

  5. Hello,
    My husband and I are thinking of going to a camel farm tomorrow. Do you remember the name of the place you went? We are new to Kuwait so not familiar with this..... I know your post is old so any info is appreciated :)

  6. It's actually just land in the desert with camels. The place is where they auction them off and we just randomly drive around until we find some clean looking camels. It's off 6th ring heading all way down until you see kabd exit or wafra i forgot which one anyways you just take it straight down, there will be all kinds of people going that way and big trucks. You will eventually see some buggies on the right side and further down will be the camels on the left.

  7. We went a number of years ago, when we lived there. My husband had some Ritz crackers in his shirt pocket - totally forgot they were there until a pack of loose camels came nosing around and nibbling at his pocket. Very cool moment! My son, at the time, and his friend also spent a long time petting a big bull that was just lounging around. The caretaker spoke little English and just watched, but afterward, as we were returning to the car, he said "This one, he bite." Thanks, Dude! Visitor beware, but do enjoy this unique slice of Kuwait.


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