Friday, May 28, 2010

Rules? What are those?

One of the bilingual schools in Kuwait held their first KG graduation yesterday. Prior to the graduation, invitations were sent out which clearly stated mother and father only. The school was trying to have some kind of order as in many cases the whole family shows up. Unfortunately this school had only a small theater and could only hold a certain amount of people.

Minutes before the show was to start the owner gave the principal a letter from the Ministry stating no cameras, no videos and no use of cell phones. Try telling that to the parents when they arrive. People start arriving, names are checked. Then there are the 5 women trying to come in. I'm sorry only 2 people allowed, response: "aww come on, it will be ok", then they rush past like they didn't hear anything. Crowd control is impossible because no one cares or knows how to follow the rules.

Show starts, cameras, videos and phones go up to record. What the hell? Ministry shministry no one can follow anything. These people think they are obligated to do as they please. One doesn't have to wonder why the kids act as they do. Take one look at the parent and you will see why. Mothers ran backstage to fix the kid's hair. The principal had to push them off the stage. Others were running to put flowers on their kids. People sit down!!! It's like you have to have a stick and go after those people for them to behave.

One father asked the teacher "Where's om Mariam?" yeah ok like the teacher is supposed to know that when all of them women are wearing black and have their faces covered. Finally he called her on her phone to find her. After throwing flowers and popping streamers it was finally over. Unfortunately there has to be another party for grades 1-5 in order to pacify their parents. Why are parties so important here? It's like the parents can't live if their kids don't have a celebration.

They celebrate first day of school, graduation, if a child comes back from a hospital stay, if they have a new baby, the last day of school and just about anything else they can think of. In the states we have a potluck where people bring items they made themselves. Now that's good food! But here all they bring is chocolate and nasty tasting cakes. Some of the items should be banned because they can totally make you sick. When they bring chocolate you spend all of your time taste testing to find the best ones.

If they only knew how their kids act while at school they would know their kids don't deserve anything. Teachers can't teach because most of the time is spent telling them to sit down or to listen or to do their work. They fight, kick, scream and totally terrorize the whole class. Then you just want to shake your head in disbelief when you have to throw a party for them. It's like all of the bad things they did during the year doesn't matter because they will still get a party.

Some of the parents want to have bragging rights so they try to provide a buffet for the teachers which is against school policy. It's not like they care about the teachers, they just want to be able to tell their friends about how much money they spent or what they did. I guess they don't have much to do but brag. I think a potluck sounds good! But then again who knows what they would bring, no one cooks here only the maids do it. Back home they would bring macaroni and cheese, chips and salsa, sandwiches, drinks and then desserts all so very good. I usually bring the soda or chips, I don't do the cooking thing unless I have to.

At the school everyone is happy that it's almost over but they have to remember that they have to do it all over next year. Woohoo!


  1. you are just jelous 'cause kuwaities are generally happy people, america should STOP doing the potluck shit! look around you americans are soooo FAT! loose wieght poeple!

  2. La Wallah... they are generally happy people yeah if you say so and about Americans being fat...look in the mirror, half of Kuwait has diabetes and heart disease and even more are over weight and if they are so happy then why does Kuwait have a 45% divorce rate, highest in the Gulf and second highest in the world. Please habibiti go back to sitting at home eating aish and watching the Turkish tv programs.

  3. I think you are a rude racist person, what a shame.

  4. Truth hurts, I get it. Call it racist, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if the truth hurts as it obviously does then suck it up and move on instead of making a big deal about it. IT'S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If you don't like it don't read it, simple.

  5. Way to go, tell these citizens like it is.


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