Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ABHA disappoints again

I did write about my mom's experience with ABHA clinic and I swore I'd never go back but due to my tooth hurting, my IC dentist on vacation and Bayan not having any emergency appointments I was left with ABHA to take care of my tooth pain, although not severe I prefer to take care of a little pain so it doesn't get worse.

Dr. Ahmed was my dentist. I was praying it would go well as many people have said it's a good place. Ok so small cavity or decay as he called it and a pocket between my 2 teeth needed cleaning. Nothing too bad so I thought.

First numbing and 3 shots. Once I was numb he started cleaning the pocket. Oh my God what did he do? He was tugging and pulling and tugging some more so bad that I thought he was pulling out my jaw. Finally he finished but I knew I was gonna be in more pain from the pulling. Next came the filling which wasn't so bad. The painful part was when the asistant stuck the suction tube and pressed it against my lip and teeth. Ouch!

I had to move her hand back because my lip was cutting into my teeth. I finished up and paid the 70 KD. Thank God for insurance. After about 15 minutes I was in so much pain I almost cried. I took some Tylenol and tried to sleep. Today the pain continued when I drank cold water or tried chewing. WTH? I wasn't in this much pain when I went there and now I feel as if I want to go to the hospital for some pain relief.

Note to self, never and I mean NEVER go to ABHA again no matter what anyone says. I gave them a second chance and still painful results. Dr. Fadi please come back!

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