Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early days of Kuwait

With all of the new construction in Kuwait I always wonder what it looked like in the beginning. It's a shame there are hardly any old buildings left. I wish Kuwait had a heritage site where they've saved some of the beautiful old houses but other than the few refurbished ones there really isn't anything left. I love the Sadu house, it gives you a feel of how Kuwait homes used to be.

So much new construction covering up the old cities as if there was never an old Kuwait. I will have to show my kids old movies of Kuwait because there isn't much left to visit. I hope the Sadu house is still going when my daughter gets older as I would love for her to learn the old weaving techniques they use. It's not all about shopping malls, fast cars and living in gigantic houses. It's about having pride in your country and yourself. One should never be ashamed of where they came from.

Remember your roots!

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