Saturday, July 16, 2011

‘Could be law in months’

‘Could be law in months’:

"Family visa cap of KD 500 eyed

KUWAIT CITY, July 15: The Ministry of Interior is studying a proposal to raise the family visa cap from the current KD 250 to KD 500, reports Al-Rai daily quoting knowledgeable sources. The proposal, which could become law within a ‘few’ months, sources say, will affect the expatriate community psychologically. The proposal comes at a time when there were reports that expatriates will be allowed to bring in their parents on dependent visas to live with them.

However, according to the sources the authorities have reached at this decision taking into consideration the “ability of the expatriates to support their families, bring stability to the labor market and get rid of what are known locally as the marginal workers and above all to bring social stability to Kuwait.” Last week the Ministry of Interior announced that it had recommended to the Kuwait Cabinet that KD 100 be charged for each visit visa. A ministry study had said that some of these visitors put a lot of burden on Kuwait’s various departments, especially the Health Ministry."

Finally a few steps in the right direction. Take control of Kuwait again. Next step should be raising the salary cap for driving licenses to 500 KD. There should have been some limits placed on workers a long time ago before Kuwait became so congested with FNs. With this action and limiting their stay to 2 years maybe we can see some relief from overcrowding. Give them an inch and they will want a mile. Can you imagine them all getting together? They would take over the whole country. They work on the Kuwaiti and U.S. military bases and have in depth knowledge of the various military equipment. They work in the oil sectors, ministry sections and just about everywhere. Don't think the tea boy doesn't listen to your secrets.

Some of them may play dumb but they are just soaking up everything that is said. I hope the problem is fixed before they start an uprise.

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