Saturday, July 30, 2011

Laws for Americans married to Kuwaitis

As an American married to a Kuwaiti citizen I like to know my rights in this country. I found an article from the U.S. embassy regarding the laws.

For anyone thinking about marrying a Kuwaiti check this article out.

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  1. any one married to a q8i should buy life insurance on his ass, or face this cold truth:
    upon death a q8i man's estate (assuming he works in govt sector) is entitled to 60 percent of his base (BASE) salary (assuming your hubby pulls down 1,000 kd a month base pay is only around 600)
    Math - 60% of 600 is what? 360
    so after bringing home 1,000 the wife has to fight for her share of 360 kd a month
    of the 360, the dead q8i man's mother gets 1/4th and any children are entitled to some BUT the children's portion is controlled by law by one of the dead man's male relatives
    what the wife is left with doesn't pay the rent.
    get life insurance. get him to sign on the policy where YOU are the sole benficary.
    couple of KD a day keeps me safe
    men die younger than women


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