Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mada Internet Service?

Thanks for the suggestions. My husband just came up with this new thing called mada? Has anyone heard of it? It's supposed to be some kind of new internet service in Kuwait.


  1. mada is a wimax service it goes up to 8 MB depends on your location i tried it in kuwait city it gives me around 5 MB and in jabriya it gives 3-4 MB decent speed but the promo i got was first 3 months no cap then i will get capped by 2 gb per day i think i will check and get back to you once i get home

  2. Hi,i really like your blog,it is awsome that someone can discuss everything that is going on around him and help others understand in the same time ;) i am Lebanese married to an American, he works currently in Kuwait and resides in Mareena towers as the company provided his housing, but he really complains about the internet they got there, not sure of the name,but i have witnessed how much it sucks!

    Also saw one of your posts about taking the bus to camp,heck yeahh he hates it,having to wake up at 4:30 and comming home at 8:30 ,then again it allowes you to avoid crazies driving around.
    again awsome blog :)

  3. As posted in:
    Cool says: June 2, 2011 at 3:25 pm
    Mark as per my experience and knowledge, Wimax technology has an inherent limitation called “cell breathing”. This means that with increased users, the coverage area shrinks faster than 3G services. In case you are close to “border areas” of a tower coverage, you would not only get deteriorated service but at times would also get disconnected. Also 10Mbps is maximum limit not a “committed” speed. So before going ahead with the deal, ask them what if later you face some problem and they tell you “well we have more customers n
    We have to check this out for sure.

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