Thursday, July 7, 2011

Abu Dhabi cuts expat jobs to trim costs

Abu Dhabi cuts expat jobs to trim costs, UAE Economy - Maktoob News:

"ABU DHABI: Wealthy Gulf Arab emirate Abu Dhabi has laid off large numbers of foreign workers as it looks to lower costs and promote jobs for citizens, several people familiar with the matter said.

Hundreds more expatriate jobs could be on the line in the near future at Abu Dhabi government departments, two sources at the offices said, adding exact numbers are not available."

Just a couple sentences about Emirate nationals taking back their country. So when will Kuwait follow? It seems like Kuwait is drowning in foreign nationals. When I came 7 years ago there were hardly any foreign nationals driving around. Today they are everywhere and with attitudes to boast. During my morning commute I notice the growing number of foreign national drivers. I stop counting half way through my drive as it seems I can't keep up with the amount. For all you guys who think driving a Charger is cool well it's not anymore. It looks like the foreign nationals have chosen it as their work vehicle and they are everywhere.

I've read about Kuwait limiting the residencies of the foreign nationals and hiring more citizens. I sure hope so because Kuwait is too crowded. Problems with traffic and electricity is growing. They have taken over the streets with their taxis and cause accidents when they slam on their brakes looking for customers. If there are jobs that nationals don't want to do then let the bedoons have them instead of foreign nationals at least the bedoon would be able to work and take care of their families.

Some of you may not like what I write and so be it. The citizens need to take back their country instead of letting the foreign nationals run everything. Just go to Sheraton round-about on Friday and you will see the chaos, you would never believe you were in Kuwait.

I can't wait for the comments to roll in.


  1. I live in both Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. I often complain that the Emiratis don't even own their country and eventually Hindi will be the national language! It's unreal. Kuwait isn't far behind.

    Unfortunately, though Abu Dhabi recognizes this and is taking steps to make room for more Emiratis to work (Emiratization) -- it's a flawed program. An Indian, or even a Westerner, will work for less than half what an Emirati wants to be paid -- and they show up for work. Kuwait will face the same issue.

    On a more positive note -- the ministries which employ majority locals do operate very efficiently here in the UAE, as opposed to Kuwait. The locals actually show up for work and do their job -- for very high salaries. In Kuwait everything requiring a ministry is a struggle because no one ever shows up to work.

    It's wonderful the GCC governments provide social salaries to their citizens, but it promotes a poor work ethic and laziness. You can't give a child everything and then one day tell them they have to work for it -- it's just not that simple.

    Sorry for the long comment... I vent about this topic often!

  2. I agree with you. When they leave it won't get any better but in the end it is Kuwait, not India and if people hate the way it is then they have many other places to go. Responsibility should start from the beginning. If they are taught to be responsible for their country and they should work to keep their country out of the hands of strangers then it could work. That of course will take a long time. But in the end it is their country and they go with flow.


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