Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Avenues Stabbing

Youth stabbed at Avenues | Kuwait Times:

 KUWAIT: A young man was stabbed when a scuffle broke out among a number of youth on Friday evening at the Avenues Commercial Complex. The fight which came less than a month after the much talked about murder of a 26-year-old Lebanese doctor, again underlined the poor state of law and order. Former MP and lawyer Osama Al-Shaheen said crimes like drugs usage, fighting involving knives and a deteriorating value system was a real challenge which must not be ignored. He said security personnel should concentrate on such crimes instead of tracking youth activists.

Another stabbing, what has happened to Kuwait? Even though I saw buff security guards with batons in Avenues recently someone was still stabbed? Time for metal detectors and not letting groups of single guys in the mall, the same thing they do in other malls. Great, now my hubby has another excuse not to take me there.

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  1. When young boys are allowed the complete freedom and no boundaries, that they enjoy here, this type of thing is going to continue. Basic manners and behavior is neither taught nor enforced by families. These boys have no boundaries and thus, no respect for others. They are not made to follow rules and not overseen by anyone. I fear for them. This is certainly not indicative of the total population but it is a growing trend.


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