Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why you shouldn't hire part-time Maids

Theft gang busted
Abu Hlaifa police arrested a gang of thieves led by a domestic helper who used her part-time job to gain access to victims’ houses. Detectives carrying out investigations in 10 reported home robberies found a common factor among all the cases as the plaintiffs had all hired a housekeeper to clean their homes at night before the thefts happened. Police managed to arrest the Sri Lankan woman who confessed to the crime and also divulged the identity of her two accomplices who were later arrested from Al-Fintas and Salmiya. The three remain in custody pending legal action. (link)

US citizen robbed: An unidentified US citizen has filed a complaint with the Mangaf Police Station accusing his Nepali housemaid of stealing his wristwatch worth KD 1,600, reports Annahar daily. (link)

A lot of these maids are runaways or illegal residents and expats invite them into their homes to clean and take care of their children because they don't want to hire them properly by going thru an agency. I guess the expats don't realize it's against the law to hire them part-time and they can get into trouble if they do. I would be scared to death to leave my kids with someone who comes and goes as they please. Expats learn from this crime.

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