Friday, January 18, 2013

Previously banned expats now allowed to bring their Families to an already overcrowded Kuwait

Finally someone speaks up about the growing number of foreign laborers.

Despite all the problems we are suffering from and which should have been solved a long time ago, despite the three million expatriates rendering a million natives into a minority, despite the traffic jams that now mar even the inner city residential areas and make one hate having to leave one’s house to run an errand, despite the tremendous pressure on state-provided civic amenities which has affected their quality and speed of delivery, despite the crime rate zooming every year, despite so many things that are not in the interest of the country, the interior ministry has come up with a new circular. It has now decided to lift the ban on certain nationalities which were earlier debarred from entering Kuwait citing reasons that had to do with threat of terrorism and drug trade.

The decision smacks of a strange attitude as if Kuwait lacked enough problems of its own already. The interior ministry has opened the door for family visas for Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and Afghanistanis.

It will not be a long before we see the children of people of these nationalities gathered at the traffic signals or cooperatives’ parking lots begging under the garb of selling trinkets. Such influx of more expatriates from new nationalities will lead to new criminal gangs of thieves. As it is, there is no dearth of gangs in Kuwait.

The more skilled among them will undertake a training course on our cars in garages. Some wives and mothers of these new expatriates will have their share of activities and will be seen moving around charity societies and Beit Al-Zakat to receive their share. Some will indulge in the practice of sorcery, something the Abdaly border post bears mute witness to.

The interior ministry has left it wide open for expat employees in both government and private sectors to bring in their wives and children on the basis that they can share the burden of their livelihoods although it knows well that this is not true.

It is well aware about the fact that some people resort to forging their salary certificates in order to be eligible to bring in their families, especially in the private sector. Let the interior ministry excuse us but this is a decision that lacks wisdom.

What will Kuwait gain from allowing in families of these expats, especially when it is overcrowded with tailors, bakers, carpenters, constructors, Nikhi and Bajilla vendors, drugs traders and smugglers – these are professions some of the expats have excelled in, so why do we need more?

We used to criticize the UAE saying we could hardly notice one Emeriti citizen among thousands of expats in streets and markets. Now, it seems that criticism will come back to our doors to haunt us as we are trundling down the same road. I do not think the Interior Minister is unaware that Kuwaitis make up for less that one third of the population.

Who knows if they find themselves making up for only one tenth some day if the country continued with such a stupid policy.

We ask His Excellency, the Minister of Interior, will you play your role as someone tasked with keeping our country secure, using the authority you have or will you let things keep running the way they are doing? (link)

At least someone in the media has the nerve to stand up and say what others are thinking! Kuwait is full to the brim with marginal laborers and now they have a reason to never leave once they bring their families here. It's sad when the country's own citizens can't qualify for Bait Al-Zakat because they are making "too" much money not considering almost every household has some type of loan which takes up more than 50% of their paychecks each month due to greedy banks.

At least in UAE the citizens can live in other Emirates but where can Kuwaiti citizens go? I used to go out everyday when I first moved here, we used to love summer because most people would travel and the streets of Kuwait had no traffic but today I rarely even leave my house as I know what traffic awaits me. The country if full and has just about met its maximum capacity yet they open the door for more people who have no plans on leaving. Crime level has increased 10 fold and instead of closing the door to Kuwait and taking "inventory" of the people already here they open the doors wide open again.

Citizens are drowning and no one cares, it's all about money.


  1. I agree to every word you wrote. I took liberty to link your post on my blog. I hope you don't mind that; I couldn't have said/written about this better.

  2. That article is written by a author who has a very poor view of people from these countries. Very distasteful that you are endorsing it as well. Whether a person is from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan or any country, they have two eyes, two ears and one mouth no different from a Kuwaiti or any other person from any country. You do not know the meaning of human dignity or respect. These people suffered for two years with the law banning visas because of terrorism related problems in their countries. These people are not all beggars and gangsters. They are hard working and serving in jobs that no Kuwaiti will dare work in and they couldn't bring their dependents earlier or couldn't send their wives back home to deliver in their countries because the visas are stopped or adult dependent children could not get a job in a place that's their home. It's a good humanitarian gesture the ministry has done. You only bother about traffic or overcrowding and not about the human side. The solution for reducing the crowding is not to blame it on the expats. You have to blame Kuwaitis for causing this mess by not doing the jobs like tailoring, baking, gardening and the rest of the jobs the expats are involved in. The expats are coming in because there is a lot of requirement for these jobs which need to be done for the country to run. Your postings show how hardened a woman you have become after coming to Kuwait. Time you became more cheerful, positive in general and tolerant of other people like mark of 248am or desertgirl.

  3. Cry me a river! Obviously you are one of those who were banned. Point is Kuwait is for Kuwaiti citizens, others should come here for work and go home, these people will NEVER get Kuwaiti citizenship no matter how long they are here. Go back to your countries, why do you want to live here? Marginal laborers suck up all of the resources and how many times have I been approached by a beggar woman from those banned countries? Too many times to mention! I refuse to give them 1 fil as I know they are here on their husband's residency and if her husband has enough money to pay for her medical insurance and visa then she should not be begging! Is it the citizens fault that the government for these countries is corrupt? No. Should Kuwait be burdened because those countries are not run correctly? No! As far as my blog goes, it is about Kuwait, not about my personal life, my bf or anything private so no, it will never be warm and fuzzy. I don't get paid by advertisers, my husband is Kuwaiti and my "hardened" attitude comes from discussions we have about the issues in Kuwait. My favorite saying "if you don't like it LEAVE! (and take a few of your friends with you when you do)

  4. Crazy kuwait you don't deserve reply due to lack of humanity and knowledge.

  5. Yet you replied? Must be one of "those" expats sucking up resources.

  6. I bet you've got a hairy sand filled minge after being being stuffed full of camel meat on a regular basis..... ;)

  7. Dear Crazy in Kuwait,

    The person who posted anonymously above made some very valid points to which I didn't see you revert on. Especially with regard to working in jobs that locals don't engage in.

    You are a disgrace to a wonderful country like the States which displays more tolerance of its multi cultural citizens. You are also a disgrace to education and awareness if you blatantly paint everyone with the same brush. One of the auditors in our company is a high level, ivy league (yes US) educated Pakistani national and person who displays much more class than you have in your comment above.

    The same people can make all kinds of cheap generalizations about white trash and how they shouldn't be here either or the government should be more discerning. I find you no better than people who think the Middle East is just a desert and bunch of camels with only oil going for it or that all muslims are terrorists(both generalizations I argue vehemently against even though neither applies to me). There are people in the States and my country that take that analogy to make life difficult for muslims which I find sad.

    I'm a European by the way - before you accuse me of being one of "those" expats. I am also here because the country wanted me and is paying me an extremely generous amount to be here :)

    How about if you don't like the politics of this country or their way of handling expats, YOU leave?

    Please learn to be logical or have valid arguments with some measure of compassion.

  8. Euro trash ahh yes, congrats on making an extremely generous amount of money, maybe you can donate some of it to your poor countrymen and help them out of the crisis taking over the European nations. This post is rather old which means you chose this just to make an argument and be a savior for the little people? With all of the deportation going on Kuwait will cleanse itself so make sure you don't get caught without your CID or you will be deported right along with them.Tata chap.


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