Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Health dangers of tattoos and its prohibition in Islam

A little FYI:

 Unhealthy practices, some even prohibited in Islam, are slowly creeping into our society; and it will take more awareness, education, and open dialogue to stay alert and stop these problems in their tracks before they spread.

Tattooing is viewed in the west as a harmless form of body art, an aesthetic procedure, a normal part of growing up for most adolescents.

Recently, tattooing has started appearing in Arab and Muslim societies as well. Apparently, it is extremely difficult but not impossible to find a place to get a tattoo done here in the Kingdom.

“It is not so rare and unusual anymore to get a tattoo, maybe not in Saudi Arabia but in other Arab countries.

“The most popular type of tattoo among some young Arab women is to get a permanent eyebrow tattoo to obtain the perfect eyebrow line without having to fret over bushy eyebrow hair,” said one young lady in Jeddah who preferred to withhold her name.

The wise person would look into why the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) explicitly rejected tattooing.

The following Hadith leaves no for debate or controversy.

Abu Juhayfah said: “The Prophet (pbuh) cursed the one who does tattoos, and the one who has a tattoo done.”

There a number of reasons behind the prohibition of tattoos.(link)


  1. The Hadith you mention actually refers to women and how they should not change their physical appearance. It also states that they should not remove hair and should not make gaps in their teeth for vanity or beauty .... basically trying to change god's work. Tattoos are fine for muslims.

  2. Thanks for you info...my boyfriend /fiance got a contract for a year to work for the royal airport as flight captain...we're are heavly tattooed since we're from the rockabilly life style ...excited for our new adventure

  3. That sounds awesome, there are many people here who have them including Kuwaitis, they just keep them hidden. Rockabilly lifestyle is so cool, I totally love the retro hair and clothing!


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