Thursday, January 17, 2013

Foreign women the cause of Kuwaiti Spinsterhood?

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 14: The Ministry of Interior has instructed the concerned departments not to issue residential permits to female expatriates, who got married to Kuwaitis after January 2010, unless they obtain permission from the committee formed by Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources.

Sources said the committee members include representatives from the Interior, Foreign Affairs and Justice ministries, as well as the State Security Department.

On the other hand, Kuwaiti men who got married to foreigners before January 2010 must obtain residential permits for their wives from the immigration departments.

Sources explained these procedures are aimed at limiting marriages between Kuwaiti men and expatriate women. This came after the ministry noticed a remarkable increase in the number of such marriages over the last years, especially since there have been suspicions that some expatriate women are eyeing marriage with Kuwaiti men for personal benefits, not to start their own family.

In another development, the directors of immigration departments have instructed their staff to start receiving applications for family visas from Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Pakistanis and Afghans in line with the decision to lift the ban on issuing family visas to these nationalities.

Sources revealed many public and private workers with the above mentioned nationalities started visiting the immigration departments on Sunday to apply for visas for their families. Sources said a total of 97 applicants have, so far, started the procedures; adding that the ban on issuing family visas to Bangladeshis remains in effect. (link)

Really?? Are foreign women really the cause of Kuwaiti females not getting married? The reason could never be that the women ask for a wedding that is more expensive than their friends, a house, a luxury car, new furniture, luxury shopping and travel when they get married? Naaah....The empty promises made to the groom so he will marry her and after marriage she doesn't hold up her end of the bargain?Naaaaah..... Why isn't there a poll asking why Kuwaiti men won't marry Kuwaiti women? The truth????? You can't handle the truth.......

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  1. Kuwaiti men say that Kuwaiti women demand too much, and that may be true in some cases, but in many cases, the man simply doesn't want to give his wife her rights, so he'd rather marry a foreigner who 1) may not know her rights in Islam, and 2) doesn't have any family here to ensure that she receives her rights (even if she does know them).


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