Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zoo animals dying...can't somebody Help?

This is an instagram picture taken recently at the Kuwait zoo about an animal dying from eating a freaking SOCK????? WTH???? I've posted my own stories of neglect and careless people and nothing was done. Does anyone really care? I found this article from Arab Times about the Director of the zoo, I wonder if she is still in charge? If so I would think she would have more feelings toward animals since she is female and probably a mother.

Thanks to American Girl, Mark and the blogger Humans and Animals Kuwait for bringing this to our attention. Click on the link for Humans and Animals Kuwait for the full sad story and sign the 3 petitions so maybe one day we will be heard. I think they should increase the entrance fee and use that money to hire REAL security not the poor guys who work security and have no backbones. There should be a police station located at the zoo with someone of authority to report to when there are problems.

Meanwhile in Doha, Qatar this is their idea of how animals should be treated, by building a huge safari park, UAE also has a beautiful zoo like the ones in the states.


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  1. Maybe they could install pressure sensors all around the perimeters of the cages. And the real security gaurds would sure discourage most of the trouble makers ... as they say: one who has gauranteed getting away with it will surely misbehave


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