Friday, August 30, 2013

Mandatory military service for Kuwaiti citizens required once Again

According to Kuwait Times:
KUWAIT: Recently some MPs proposed approving conscription law in Kuwait. This draft was proposed about five years ago, but after the political situation in the Middle East witnessed turbulence, this proposal was highlighted again at the parliament session. The proposal reinstates mandatory military service in Kuwait after Kuwait’s parliament suspended obligatory military service in 2001. According to this draft, conscription is necessary for Kuwaiti men aged between 18-35 years of age, who will have to undergo military training and serve in one of the army’s units.
University graduates will have to serve for nine months minimum, while those without a university degree will serve for a year. This law will exclude students of courses from the army, Ministry of Interior, National Guards, Fire Department, or volunteers at these institutions. Among the ones who will be excluded from enlistment are single children, the oldest sons and brothers of martyrs. Joining service may be delayed for a year if the man is the sole provider at home for his parents or if his mother is divorced or widowed and is dependent on him.(link)
It wasn't a big deal for the older generation, my husband had to serve his time and went on to attend college. But I can't see it going so easy for the new generation, can you imagine all of the spoiled kids these days having to learn how to shoot guns, attend boot camp and getting dirty? It could be a requirement for females as well, I don't think they make Prada military boots, sorry ladies. This is something to look forward to.

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