Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sodastream- make your drinks at Home

I was watching Restaurant Impossible on my favorite free website for watching US tv shows when a commercial came up for Sodastream, a new way to make "fizzy" drinks at home. It seems pretty cool especially when it's hard to find carbonated water drinks with fruit flavor in Kuwait for a reasonable price. In the states we can get some cheap ones from Wal-Mart but not a lot here. The only issue would be where to fill up the carbonator cylinders with CO2 here in Kuwait?


UPDATE: I found out it's a Jewish company so that may be one of the reasons it's not in Kuwait.


  1. They sell the sodastream at lulu hypermarket and also refill the cylinders.

  2. Serious? Yay I will check next time I go shopping, where is it located? In the electronics dept?

  3. its with the kitchen apliences. the refill was like 4 KD and i always went to the shuwaik lulu, the new one never had refills so i stopt going there to ask! but then i have been out of kuwait for a year now! good luck!


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