Saturday, August 24, 2013

Purina Arabia helps out PAWS Kuwait- Just "like" their FB page on Aug 25!!!!

UPDATE:Thanks to everyone who voted and to those bloggers who I contacted and did not post it, you all suck! I guess some bloggers think they are too good for these issues. Anyhoo....
Thank you all for your support for PAWS Kuwait! We are going to match your 1319 likes with Purina Arabia likes to have a total of 2638, which is equivalent to 106kg!

Again, thank you all for your contribution in supporting communities that help make pets' lives better.
VOTE TODAY!!!! It lasts for only 24 hours!
Purina – Your “Like” will help to feed PAWS shelter dogs
Posted on August 21, 2013 by Paws - Kuwait

To all supporters,

This is your chance to donate food to the shelter with only couple mouse clicks. We do not ask for money, we do not ask for your attention, we just ask for 30 seconds (or less) of your time and couple mouse clicks. Every one of you can bring 40 grams of dry food to the shelter without leaving home.

Charity post on Purina Arabia facebook page

PAWS Kuwait and Purina Arabia agreed on charity campaign which will start on 25 August, 2013 at 10am (Kuwait time) and will be effective for 24 hours.

Purina Arabia will publish PAWS charity post on own facebook page and will calculate amount of “Like” on the post during next 24 hours. 25 “Like” will bring one kilogram of dry dog food which will be donated by Purina directly to PAWS.

PAWS Kuwait logo and contact information will be listed on Community Tab of Purina Arabia facebook page in addition.

We will include link in this post on 25th August after 10 am. Please be ready to follow it and click “Like”. Feel free to invite all your friends. More “Like” – more food for shelter dogs.

PAWS Kuwait Team. Vote here on Sunday, August 25 after 10 am.
REMEMBER:  It starts on August 25, 2013 at 10 am for 24 hours, so don't vote until that day.

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