Friday, August 30, 2013

Twerk- Arabian Gulf Style

I had posted on Twerk style before but now it has totally blown up after Miley Cyrus did the Twerk at the VMA the other day. I don't think her version is as good as the Gulf style Twerk and they have been doing these kinds of dances for years.
WARNING: A lot of butt shaking going on.

Much better than Miley Cyrus. These kinds of Gulf dances are usually held on the down low at underground parties and sometimes weddings.


  1. wow. downright erotic and seems not compatible somehow with traditional Islam. Why do they do this in the Gulf. Is it a local traditional custom or is it a Muslim tradition.

  2. There's a lot of underground things that go on in the middle east. It's not traditional just done for parties. If you look through youtube videos you will find all kinds of things.

  3. This isn't a Gulf Arab traditional dance. This dance can be traced to Zanzibar. Oman once controlled a large portion of the Eastern African Coast and a lot of Africans migrated or brought over as slaves to the region.

  4. No one said it was a "traditional" dance, Oman is part of the GCC hence the term "Gulf" twerk style.


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