Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fitness First- Sama Mall

Fitness First has opened their Egaila location in Sama Mall. The gyms are located on F2, to the left is the men's gym and to the right is the gym for females. I took a tour of the female gym and it was really nice with updated equipment, lockers, sauna and hair dryers. The only concern I had was the size, it was a little on the small side and the room for classes was full which is one of the workouts I would like to do. I was told that gym was originally set up for men because they are mainly interested in weights and don't need a lot of equipment but at the last minute it was changed.

There is a cafe, area with wifi and personal trainers available to help with the learning process. 

The membership prices for 'Plus Home' range from 146 KD for 3 months to 451 KD for 18 months. The platinum range is from 338 KD for 6 months to 539 KD for 18 months. The minimum age to join is 14 and their is a 'junior home' package for 241 KD as well as a student membership for 399 KD. I have the contact info for the men's gym- Dennis 977277004 and you can visit their website and IG @fitnessfirstme

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