Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Price gouging going On?

Is price gouging going on since the increase in gas prices? My supervisor came to us with a story about his fuel not lasting as long as it used to. He filled up and took his regular trip to the base and noticed that the fuel was not lasting as long as it used to. Has anyone else encountered this problem?


  1. Something similar happened to me today. I'd asked for Premium but the attendant was filling up my tank with Super, meaning I'd get lesser litres of petrol for my money's worth. Is it possible that the same thing happened to your supervisor?

  2. I actually noticed that it lasts longer, and my commute is about 40 minutes long. I'm fueling up my car much less than before the price increase...but I thought it was all in my head

  3. I have been driving a lot lately so it is hard to tell, but it seems like the fill ups aren't taking me as far as they used to.


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