Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NBK signature Nazis

I understand security within the banks, I appreciate it immensely. The annoying thing about NBK is their signature obsession. The first time it happened was a few years ago, I signed the documents and then she looked at it, looked back to her computer screen and told me, sorry this doesn't match please try again. I tried again, same thing, sorry it doesn't match. Are you serious? You have my civil ID, my phone number and a signature that is about as close as anyone can get. I told her the more you ask me to sign the worse it will get as I tend to sign according to my mood.

After five times she decided to use my signature as a new one in the system. A few days ago on base the same thing happened. I signed the document, she looked at it, back to the screen. Can you sign again, please? I signed again, then the manager came over, can you sign again? Third time worked but I feel like they're calling me a liar or something, who else has faced this?

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  1. I have. So has one of my colleagues. You're not alone! In my case they rejected a signature I've been using since I was old enough to write. They made me try it over and over again, and of course I got more nervous and worse at it every time. The stupid thing is I am now using a much-simplified version of my signature, which would be much easier to fake. It's maddening.


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