Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kuwaiti auto insurance after an Accident

My friend was involved in an accident the other day which did significant damage to the truck as you can see. On the highway there are 2 designated lanes for turning left and 4 other lanes to go straight. Normal human beings would know the rules and follow them but this is Kuwait. The truck was in the first lane heading straight when the female driver in his right lane decided to turn left, right into the truck. Luckily the truck didn't hit the solid light post or it would have been totaled.

Second step of course is the dreaded police station visit, if you can find the correct police station as a small border will determine where you go. The investigator established the woman was at fault and she has full coverage insurance. Simple, right? Wrong! After heading to the insurance company my friend was told that because they don't have full coverage they will only cover 25% of the cost which was over 2000 KD! The make of the truck meant scrap parts are hard to find and are almost the same as new ones.

In the end my friend had to come out of pocket to fix the vehicle and they might see some money after 4 months!!! What a joke! The same accident happened to me, the guy turned left in front of me instead of using the turn lanes, investigator said it was his fault, he was like 'take me to court.' He had a scratch where as the whole right side of my vehicle is crushed. In the end the cheap insurance you pay for is useless just like the grey insurance card you pay for when you get your residency.


  1. Oh that's sad. We had an accident a few years ago and still haven't seen a penny. When we approached the offender's insurance agency, we were told that we had to fix the damage ouselves and file the receipt when our case was discussed in the court, which by the way takes like 6 months for your paperwork to even arrive in the court. I have no idea if that was even true, but to be honest, we just spent the money ourselves and didn't bother. Its probably just easier to try and settle at the accident site, though I'm sure that's illegal right?

    1. That's what usually happens. My mom was rear ended by some guy and had to go to the hospital, he visited her promising to pay for the car. In the end she went to court, filed a case and after some time she received 50 KD although her car was almost destroyed.

  2. It is a very helpful post. I was just shocked when I had accident and my brand new care was severely damaged. But I am lucky because I had a car insurance and that bear the repair cost of my vehicle.


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