Monday, July 9, 2012

Bachelor cities- a great IDEA!

I keep reading about bachelor cities but nothing for sure yet. I wish they would have a city for them as they ruin the family areas. Fintas area used to be empty until they started moving in the Americans, then rent went up and mor companies seeking housing for bachelors also moved in. The first time I encountered the bachelor problem was a few years ago while swimming at the beach with my kids. I looked up from the water and saw 20 guys staring at us from the rocks. Kids, time to go!

Ever since then I don't go out to the beach in the area as there are too many creepy guys watching. Every Friday you will see crowds of them gathered on the beach in Abu Halaifa or wandering around the streets. When driving you always have to watch for them as they run across the street by the dozens. I got out for a a couple of minutes to take these pics and felt violated by their stares. As you can see the Egyptian was staring at me so I had to take some pics and run away.

I got stuck in the Mangaf area and I was surrounded by them staring and smiling. It's really a uncomfortable feeling and they don't stop even if you say something to them. They really need to be separated from family areas.


  1. That does look awful. Is there something you can say or do to let them know their stares are unwanted?

  2. i guess u cud always rock the ninja outfit? i get the looks all the time, but im a male with locs--so i guess thats an event.

  3. looool , i feel sorry for that man doing like this here in my country . As you can see they are Egyption and indian people and if you wondaring why you mostly saw them on Friday that because it's they day off the work (holiday) .


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