Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fake toys from China

It's so hard trying to find decent affordable toys in Kuwait. 99% of the toys are fakes from China and are expensive considering the quality. There are a few Little Tykes toys from the states but cost twice as much as fake toys. Of course there is Toys R Us but their toys are outrageous compared to the cost in the states plus the staff are rude. If I shop for toys I go to Centerpointe which is where I took these pictures. I just hope they last more than an hour after being opened.

I usually order things from WalMart but needed something quick this time.


  1. but how do you order from walmart ??? they do not ship to kuwait ???

  2. I work on Arifjan so I have an APO :P

  3. Buying fake toys is really a waste of money.


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