Friday, July 13, 2012

Random things in Kuwait

If you take the time to look around Kuwait you will notice funny things all over. Here are a few random things I found interesting.

I saw this restaurant near the Early Bird cafe in Jabriya. Has anyone tried it?

 Did you know Oprah has a salon in Kuwait?
 What happens when one doesn't use spell check.
 The Eiffel Tower in Kuwait.
 I finally got a picture of the way cleaners are transported to their sites. When it was winter the poor guys were huddled together and now that it's summer they look for shade. There has to be a better way to transport these workers.
Let's see what else I can find.......


  1. LOL.... Ive been to Early Bird a couple of times... but never spotted this Container :-P

  2. It's too shame to who is responsible to this poor worker ,even they give them a bad salary they transport them like that .


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