Sunday, July 15, 2012

Car accessory shop in Fahaheel

There aren't too many accessory shops that are like the states, if any. I wish there was an Autozone or something like it here instead of having to go to 10 different places to get things for your car. This place is in Fahaheel tucked away from the main streeet which is nice. You can drive your car up inside the parking area and get out of the traffic. They have all kinds of things for cars from China of course but we're in Kuwait so this is as good as it gets. They also do upholstery, stickers and tint. I went there to get the black sun screens for my car until I get the glass tinted.

The last picture is of the tow hook I want to add to my SUV for the time someone dares to rear end me, they will have their front end taken off.


  1. They are building an autozone in sabhan area (Qurain market) but right now there is no movement in that area .

  2. It’s really hard to find a car accessories store, but where is the specific location of this store?


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