Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dean and Deluca

After all of these years I finally got sucked into going to Dean and Deluca by my sister. I've fought it for years as I don't like to mingle with fufu rich Kuwaitis and pay for over priced food. I must say it's a pretty nice place and they have some things that are reasonably priced as well. We sat outside under the covered part as there has been people spitting and throwing things at diners from the second floor. It is a third world country still and not all people have manners and just want to be a nuisance.

We ordered different dishes so we could have a bite of everything. I got chicken shawarma with mushrooms, our friend ordered chicken kebob and mom ordered a pot pie thingy. The spinach and meant fatayar was huge and really good. I might go back again with my hubby, he always asks me to go but I had refused up until yesterday. I'm a believer now.

The service was excellent and we met Jassim, the Kuwaiti Manager and the GM Kevin, thanks guys for the great food.

Cheesecake Factory update: Here are some pictures of the new section about to open. I will attend the media conference tomorrow and update everyone. I think they will open the new section tomorrow at 12 pm but don't quote me on that.

Off to the right is Texas Roadhouse, not all shops will be open according to the American guy guarding the entrance to the area. I hope they made more parking.


  1. Most kuwaitis are middle class to upper middle class in the social pyramid, they just act rich and some ppl who make 500 kd a month spend 20 kd on dean deluci whilst people who male 3500 kd a month spend 30 fils for a "stikana" of tea in almubarkiya.


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