Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deserted American mothers launch website to shame runaway Saudi exes

Saudi Gazette - Deserted American mothers launch website to shame runaway Saudi exes:

 RIYADH – An American mother who had a baby out of wedlock with a Saudi student who then deserted her has launched a website to name and shame all Saudi men who leave their children behind in the United States.

The founder of the website came up with the idea to name and shame Saudi fathers.

Deserted mothers can shame their ex-Saudi partners by sending their families a message about their sons’ true actions.

The goal is to force the father to provide for his son or daughter.

Saudi Gazette gathered information about the website and discovered many Saudi students had left their young children behind in the United States.

These students brought nothing but trouble to their families in the Kingdom. They traveled abroad to come back highly educated.

Instead, they got themselves into trouble then left behind innocent sons or daughters often born out of wedlock.

The stories on the website usually start when an American woman falls victim to a Saudi student who promises her the stars and she falls for it. But when she gets pregnant, he cowardly runs away.

Deadbeat Gulf daddies your days are limited!! Ali Hamad Al-Sulaiti watch out!


  1. I receive emails from some of the half Kuwaiti children asking for advice. My heart breaks for them. :(

  2. Yeah, I know personally how it feels so I'm thinking about starting a website for Kuwait and Qatar as well. I'm also considering gathering everyone's stories and putting them together in a book with pictures and all. This has been happening since the 70's that I know of so it's been a long time coming for these deadbeat dads. The only problem is everyone turns their heads the other way and if you find the family of the guy they will be on his side always. The sons never do anything wrong it's the evil foreign women taking advantage of their "babies". Even if they get caught here they don't get in trouble, "boys will be boys". I understand guys want to get "busy" especially Arabs they always think about it but come on at least protect yourself then no one loses.

  3. forgiveness is the highest form of love

  4. I think it would be a wonderful idea to create a page for Kuwait & Qatar. Deadbeat dads of the world beware you can be found now!! If your serious about starting a page for these deadbeatdads, let me know if I can help you in any way :)
    Jenniffer from

  5. Actually, I don't like how the new article says unmarried. Only a couple of the women mentioned on the Saudi Children Left Behind website were not married to the men who ditched them. I know a bunch of the girls from the site personally. The majority were Muslim before they ISLAMICALLY married their saudi and had a child from that marriage together and then he takes off. It is alot easier for Saudis to brush off the idea of unmarried women (despite the fact that the men take advantage of girls and make it like they are going to live together forever) as Islam doesn't accord the responsibility of child support for anyone not married Islamically. But the majority of case son the website ACTUALLY ar eof children abandoned from Islamic marriages. Soooooo.... why not point that out too?

    In Emirates a law was recently passed that any mother who could prove her child was half-Emirati, either married or notbefore the birth of the child, the child (albeit not the mother) would be enittled to all the benefits of being an Emirati citizen, and even inheritance if proof of Islamic marriage of any kind could be provided. I don't love alot about UAE but this one thing is pretty awesome.

  6. Thanks! I posted about UAE searching for the lost kids by starting in the Phillipines and India but didn't mention USA. UAE is ahead of the GCC by far and the ruler is a great man who helps out from his heart unlike some GCC countries who do everything for money.

  7. I'm over my Kuwaiti father leaving me......but then again why am I hear commenting lol it doesn't bother me so much as having to explain to my 11 year old Kuwaiti son why we don't have anything to do with my father....his grandfather' It's also embarrassing when you try to work or even just go to the bank and people ask about your family because discussions like that are common and I don't know how to answer when someone says "oh so do you know so and so" from my father's family and I'm like "Ugh, ya sure whatever" and try to change the subject. It's just awkward.
    Since I have learned that in Islam and other major religions a child born out of wedlock is the mother's sin to bear and religiously the child is not allowed to keep the father's last name I kinda just shut down the subject in my head because I know that excuse is what my father is using and I can not argue with religion. Unfortunately I think a lot of the guys we r talking about use it too.
    Religion is one thing and culture is another. I thank UAE for giving a voice for those of us left behind. I hope other gulf countries follow. After all what would it really hurt to give us our rights culturally if religiously we are shunned.
    I didn't choose to be born from "sin" and what was happening when the major religions were created is a bit different now. Why should we have to pay for our parents lapse of judgement? At least a nationality, recognition that we exist and have another half of our soul.

  8. What about children from an American mother and a Kuwaiti father, conceived in Kuwait? What would have happened to an American woman and a married Kuwaiti man if they conceived a baby in Kuwait? Because that's what happened in the case of my birth mother and birth father. My birth mother came back to the U.S. abruptly after getting pregnant, then put me up for adoption. I know nothing about the birth father, because I was given up and then lied to my my birth mother when I did meet her when I was 18.

    Would both parties have gone to jail for this if anyone had found out? Could that be why she came back to the U.S. so suddenly?

  9. Hi, tough story but I'm glad to meet you. If anyone gets pregnant out of wedlock here they can both go to jail or avoid it by the guy marrying the woman or in most cases they give the women abortion pills and that's the end of it. She would have definitely returned to the states ASAP as there are no abortion facilities only pills that are expensice and black market, even American females who get pregnant while working in Kuwait on a contract and are not married have to return home to have the baby because the hospitals ask for marriage certificates. Of course there are secretive births but the child will never get a bc or be able to leave. There is a website kuwaitichildrenleftbehind you can visit and tell your story. I don't know of any way to find out your father's info if your mother doesn't give it to you. But you are not alone, there are many many stories out there. If you need any help do let me know.


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