Saturday, November 17, 2012

Protest in front of the US Embassy

Kuwaitis condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza, slam US Support for Palestinians
KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: A large number of Kuwaitis gathered in front of the American Embassy in Kuwait on Friday evening to protest against the Israeli attacks on Gaza and to express their support for people of Gaza. They also denounce the attitude of US administration towards the Israeli aggression.

During the demonstration, the protestors condemned America and Israel and urged the Hamas movement to destroy the Zionists. They chanted slogans such as ‘We will remain here until the pain diminishes’, ‘Kuwait and Palestine are not two but a single nation’ and ‘Fire on Treacherous Zionists’.

Even after security forces allowed the demonstrators to protest for almost an hour, they struggled for nearly 30 minutes to disperse the protestors.

The protestors initially resisted the security order, leading to a few skirmishes between the securitymen and the protestors.

As majority of the protestors started to leave, a few among them urged them to stay back and chanted ‘Death to America’.

Meanwhile, former MP Jama’an Al-Harbash said, “The first Israeli aircraft fell in the hands of the Palestinian resistant groups today after strenuous efforts. With the fall of the leader Ahmad Al-Ja’abari, the entire Ummah is now with Gaza and the rules of the game have changed.”

In the same context, the National Convention Forum condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip, calling on all Arab and Islamic nations to support the Palestinian community.

They indicated that such widespread support will encourage the Palestinians to face such Israeli aggression and brutality, stressing, “We urge all nations that love dignity and honor to support the oppressed Palestinian brothers who have been resilient enough to protect sanctities of Arabs and Muslims.”

Meanwhile, thousands of people across the Middle East protested on Friday against Israel’s aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip, with some chanting “death to Israel” and others calling for the bombing of Tel Aviv.(link)

So let's see, half of the population was at the Avenues while their husbands were protesting in front of th US Embassy, does that mean Salmiya was empty? Do they really think wasting their time in front of the Embassy whill do anything? The freaking US embassy doesn't even help the Americans here so what the hell do they think they will accomplish. Yallah go back to dwaniya, drink some tea and smoke some sheesha, A7san.....


  1. Hahahaha Crazy! Love your spin on things.

    1. How is it crazy? We just want our people to live in dignity. The occupation of the West Bank and blockage of Gaza are both illegal under international law. In the West Bank, Palestinians need Israel's permission to travel and the military occupation forces murders someone everyday. They keep on colonizing Palestinian land and they justify it by using archaic Judea-Christian beliefs. You can't colonize other people's land because ''God said so''. Palestinians are humans, they should be able to travel, work, get married without Israel's permission. Just last week, Israel demolished several Palestinian homes in Palestinian towns (which is illegal). Why does Israel get away with demolishing homes? So many Palestinians are homeless because Israel likes expanding its illegal settlements for Israeli citizens.

      Why should our people stand hours in line at checkpoints while Israeli settlers freely use the main roads? In many places Palestinians aren't even allowed to use the roads. The West Bank is Palestinian land under international law. The illegal settlements have to stop, the roads should be open to everyone. Just two days ago, Israeli segregated the buses in the West Bank so now there are separate buses for Israeli citizens and Palestinians. Why segregate people on the basis of their citizenship?

      The military blockage of Gaza is illegal. Gaza is a big ghetto. When Israel bombed Gaza back in November 2012, 200 Palestinians died while only 3 Israelis died. Is that fair and proportionate? How come so many Palestinians died and only 3 Israelis died? Why is the media emphasis always on the Israeli deaths?

      They use Islamophobia to justify the oppression of the Palestinian people.

  2. No we won't go back to a diwiniya, we will protest until Gaza is set free. Gaza is in our heart and we won't give up until America stops supporting the current government of Israel. We want our people to live in dignity, we want an end to the illegal occupation of the West Bank and military blockage of Gaza.

  3. First of all I know quite well the suffering of Palestinians as I grew up with a Palestinian step-father whose family ran away from the war to KSA. I know all too well the suffering they continue to face because they didn't take Saudi nationality because they believed Palestine would rise again. My step-father's friends were kicked out of Qatar but ended up with US citizenship which is a pretty good exchange. Palestinians were kicked out of Kuwait for helping Iraqi people invade Kuwait which makes Palestinians just as bad as Jews. Does anyone think about the end of the world? When there is a Palestinian state again that's a sign the end of the world is coming so why don't you guys just relax, I'm sure every single one of you would run to the US or Canada if given the chance to leave Gaza. There is no country in the world that will stand up to Israel so keep on protesting and keep fighting for a lost cause and if the day comes and Palestine is a country again then you will die the next day so in the end the result is death now that's something to look forward to.


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