Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kuwait sets another world Record

‘Kuwait has broken world record in traffic demises’:

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 17: Chairperson of Traffic Safety Society Bader Al-Matar has said the need for security operatives to implement traffic regulations against violators to control the rate of traffic offences in the country, reports Al-Shahed daily.

Al-Matar added that Kuwait has broken the world record in traffic deaths, with 17 deaths recorded in every 100,000 cases on the average. He stressed Kuwaiti roads have the capacity to accommodate about 700,000 vehicles and almost 1.6 million vehicles ply the roads.

He noted the current traffic lights have failed, so government must introduce online systems to manage traffic. He urged the government must reschedule the timing of work in the ministries to reduce traffic congestion which has been troubling both citizens and expatriates.

STOP giving out licenses to everyone, companies make your people car pool and I think licenses should expire every 2 years or so to stop fraud. When it's time for renewal there should be a search of people's work permits and if they don't meet the conditions it should be taken away. Get all of the old useless junk cars off the road. Simple.

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