Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hala February Events 2013

In my 9 years of living here I have never attended any events for Hala February mostly due to the fact there is almost 0 information out there. I tend to find out about events I missed when I see pictures in the newspapers which sucks. I'm mostly interested in traditional/cultural events rather than circus acts. I've seen some pictures of the races in Jahra but that's not the type of area I would want to go to see them. An ideal scenario would have been having all of the cultural/traditional events held at "Heritage Village" but alas that project has come to a screeching halt and no one seems to know why(I'd say it has something to do with Wasta).

I know Kuwait has some Kuwaiti singers and traditional dancers but where are they? Aren't there any "family" shows with falcons and tents for people to visit? Where are the traditional Sadu weavers? Here's my idea, rennovate the old Al-Shaya Kuwaiti house and turn it into a heritage museum where they hold traditional venues for tourists. I know it's right beside the Emir's palace but it can be gated, right? It's a huge piece of land and the house itself is huge as well. It seems every country has it's own heritage village, why not Kuwait?

After searching for hours I came up with a few things to do at Green Island. I have no idea when or where there may be more parades or shows which is ok because I can't see myself fighting the crowds and places for parking.

Green Island:

Graffiti Art Contest: February 16/23
Magic Show: February 17-22
Kid's Circus: February 17-26
Daily Contest Show: February 17-26-- 6-7 pm
French Parade: February 17, 21 and 26
Hanging Musician: February 17/18 and 22-26
Crazy Dunkers: February 17-23
Sponge Bob Meet and Greet: February 17, 21 and23
Dora Meet and Greet: February18-20 and 24-26
Loud Arabia: February 21-23
Sand Castle Contest: February 22
Poetry Event: February 28

You can also contact Al Watan 1822255 or Touristic Enterprises 1806806 they may have more events coming.

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