Thursday, February 28, 2013

What To Do in Kuwait- Behbehani Complex

If you are into visiting historical places in Kuwait then this is one of the places to see. After having lunch we took a tour of the Complex as I had never seen the inside of the complex. Since the construction of the highway the Complex is not as crowded and you can take a walk and check out the buildings. It is so beautiful and I wish I could live there! Unfortunately it seems as if no one is taking care of it anymore. Some buildings need some new paint and the foliage needs some trimming but I love it. 

A little history about the Complex:
Behbehani Complex is located in Al Watia area which means "footmarks" in Kuwaiti dialect. The area was given the name because people used to stroll beside the shore leaving their footprints in the wet sand. In the early 1940's Yusuf Shreen Behbehani built the Complex as his first major real estate project. The Complex was designed by an Iranian architect and built by Iranian workers. The complex has 28 dwelling units in which half of the units were occupied by the Behbehani family while the rest were rented out to foreigners. In the mid 1960's the Behbehani family left and over time the houses fell into a state of disrepair. During the Iraqi invasion the Complex was looted by Iraqi soldiers. The complex is considered on of the very first two-story residential sites and 40,000 KD was spent on repairing it. Cities in Transition scroll to page 32.

The back side pictured above used to have a huge parking lot and there was a round-a-bout and was once a crowded place to visit.  I remember getting stuck in traffic and having to fight for parking sadly the highway cut the area in half and a lot of the businesses relocated or shut down. I think it can once again be a happening place to visit if the NCCAL would put me in charge.


  1. Hy, I'm new in Kuwait, can you give me more details about the location, maybe a googlemaps link, or something like that.
    I like your "What To Do in Kuwait" posts!

  2. Great! I want everyone to have a good time in Kuwait. The phone number is 22422088 and it's a straight shot down Gulf Street in Salmiya until you get to the Sheraton left turn, u turn and first right beside American Mission hospital, take a right through the dirt field and straight ahead to the left lies the complex.

  3. I was brought up in the house in the 3rd picture from 1965 to 1970. I went to Shuwaikh School, the old one with Mrs Murray. I use to walk to the seafront in the nets with the fishermen. Kevan Clarke on WhatsApp


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