Monday, February 25, 2013

Foreign nationals on Strike?

Last week I was heading to the gas station in Fintas when I had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting 20 foreign nationals crossing the road. There were hundreds of them on both sides of the street standing around. I don't know if they were on strike or what but they seemed to be working for the Sea base in Fintas? There was one lone police officer standing there but no officers guiding traffic. It was kind of like they were playing Frogger with the traffic on that road because everyone speeds on that road and then suddenly coming around the curve there is a sea of people.

I tried to find some info in the Arab Times but there wasn't anything about it. The whole area has turned into a bachelor city and it's time for us to move because it doesn't feel safe anymore. Imagine if all of the bachelors got together and protested, they could probably take over Kuwait if they wanted to. 


  1. I may move to Kuwait later this year. It seems there are a lot of stories about crime in the newspapers. Can you comment on this? I realize that I'm only reading about a few incidents, but they do seem to be occurring more now than in the past. Also realize how the media can overdo it at times - thanks

  2. In the last few years there has been an increase in expats which brings more crime and when a country has laws that no one follows there is an increase in crime. "Wasta" is the problem in Kuwait as very few people actually serve time if they have it. Unlike KSA or UAE the Islamic laws are rarely followed here. In KSA for example, a Jordanian was executed recently for bringing in drugs. You can read all about crimes but you will almost never find out what actually happened to those people who commited the crimes. You must always be aware of your surroundings here and just be careful.

  3. is that fintas? so its hiring for costguard..


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