Wednesday, February 27, 2013

K's Path Work Truck Road Rage

This morning I heard the story of the K's Path truck involved in road rage with one of my co-workers. He was driving to the base this morning when he had flashed a slow moving "work" truck in front of him. All of the sudden the work truck turned on bright yellow lights and slammed on the brakes as the guy avoided hitting the truck he noticed the words K's Path in blue letters on the side. As he got back in front of the truck again the yellow lights were turned on as if to intimidate or something. It was a white guy in his late 30's driving the truck with license plate 14258 or 12458. Did the driver of the K's Path truck think he was tough or something? After all it was 6 in the morning which is a little early to be ticked off. It's not just Kuwaitis who drive crazy, everyone does it.

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