Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spinsterhood in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 23: Latest census on registered marriages in Kuwait unveiled a ‘phenomenon of spinsterhood’ of shocking rates, which necessitates the society to exert tremendous efforts in eliminating the problems encountered by girl and families in this regard, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

According to the statistics, approximately 30,000 Kuwaiti women of ages between 25 and 64 years are ‘spinsters’ as they have never been married.

After reading and analyzing the causes of the growing phenomenon, psychologists and sociologists said the increasing phenomenon of spinsterhood in the Kuwaiti society will result in serious demographic and psychological repercussions on the structure of the society.

They indicated that the problem cannot be tackled by issuing laws that restrict marriage to a non-Kuwaiti or encourage marriage through financial incentives and facilities.

They insisted that the problem can be solved through awareness campaigns to urge young men and women to marry as well as urge parents to make it easier for those who wish to marry without demanding excessive dowry.

The psychologists and sociologists suggested a set of ‘immediate solutions’ such as giving priority in employment to citizens who are married to Kuwaitis, banning marriages to foreigners and so on.

Regarding the psychological effects on these unmarried girls, they indicated that referring girls as ‘spinsters’ could make them feel inferior and insecure.

Maybe those are the lesbians who don't want to marry? Between Kuwaiti men marrying foreigners and Kuwaiti men who are gay I guess the number of available men decreases?

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