Friday, February 8, 2013

Dishdasha night Pictures

I dragged my hubby to dishdasha night, he thought it was silly but I insisted on going for the food and I wanted to see how they present Kuwaiti culture to expats. We started off in the tent with dates and sweets and moved on to the basement where there was traditional clothing for people to try on. My hubby had his dishdasha and I wore my abaya so we were good. In the other room there were different kinds of Kuwaiti dishes.

The only issue I have with AWARE center is the space. When I took the cooking class it was so cramped and crowded and the same thing with this event. There was seating on the outside of the tables and a small area in between to maneuver. There was about 40 people in the small area and it was hard to get to the food but overall it was a nice experience. After everyone was served there was a presentation about Kuwaiti culture.

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  1. We were there too :) It was great to have a chance to eat real Kuwaiti food!


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