Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kuwaiti restaurant in Jeddah, KSA

JEDDAH –– Food enthusiasts may casually overlook and skip the chance to try Kuwaiti food, mistakenly assuming that it is similar to foods from other Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia.

Much to my surprise, after trying Kuwaiti food for the first time, I discovered that it is more stimulating and spicy than the traditional Saudi cuisine which is actually quite bland in comparison with food from this neighboring country.

A mix of Indian and Persian influence is noticeably evident in the sharp tastes and strong flavors of Kuwaiti food.

With the use of diverse spices and herbs, Kuwaitis take even the basic grilled chicken and rice recipe to a whole new level. The rice which accompanies your choice of chicken or lamb is heavily garnished with raisins and cooked lentils.

The tomato and chili pepper sauce is a must-have side addition to any rice platter.

In the Kuwaiti cuisine, Makbous (machboos) is the Saudi equivalent to Kabsah.

Kuwaitis are also well known for making Biryani, just as well as any Indian cook, loaded with onions, garlic, raisins, saffron, cumin, cardamom, and coriander.

The first and as a matter of fact the only authentic and specialized Kuwaiti restaurant opened here in Jeddah about three months back; and it is already bustling with curious diners.

Fareej Bin Agool is located on Al-Rawdah St. and serves a warm, freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. “Fareej is a common Kuwaiti word, meaning village or neighborhood. A deep-rooted and popular Kuwaiti folktale has it that an old man, Bin Agool, moved to an area in Kuwait with his tribe where he later settled down there and where oil was later found.(link)

I love Kabsah with daqoos on the side.

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