Thursday, March 26, 2015

Illegal Animals in Kuwait

I saw this video on Mark's blog, after reading the comments and watching I had to re-post it. There's so many wrong things! I would have liked to see her record an interview with the Cannibal guy who was eating the live rabbit and Hanan the animal activist but that didn't happen. The guy did make some comments about Saddam Hussein, Drag 965 is involved with illegal animals and at 21:27 the singer from Kuwait Miami is there as well. 

She also interviews someone from the zoo, yes there are people behind the scenes of the zoo but the girl couldn't say much due to censorship and the wrath of the government for telling the truth. There are certain people on earth who are walking advertisements for birth control and this guy definitely qualifies!

This has connections to the maid killed by a lion last year, go to mark 26:00. Yet this guy still roams the streets of Kuwait! 


  1. The zoo lady isn't telling the truth NOT because of the government or ''censorship''. She's an expat lady who doesn't understand anything about Kuwait's politics. VICE is telling her to spice things up by pretending she can't answer the question because of ''politics''.

    There is obvious bias in the documentary. The country is not filled with exotic animals. Yes so many people posing with exotic animals on Instagram, however the reality is that people keep them for few weeks, show off, take pictures, then move them over to another home and that keeps going on and on. I know because I am one of those working to stop the practice and ban the import of these animals. Another clear and funny observation that shows how the reporter is intentionally trying to spice up her report is by showing all women dressed in black in Kuwait. In fact I don't think I have ever seen that many women dressed in black in Kuwait ever before. More with the spicing up... what does Islam got to do with how people spend their money? Is she insinuating that non-Muslims and here I presume she's referring to Britons are drunk 24/7 and high on weed because they're not Muslims and that is how they spend their money on? Poor journalism... but well done propaganda.

    The lion owner, swakll isn’t one of the elite nor does he have any ''connections'' with top government officials. He’s a naturalized bedouin with third-class citizenship. His family is Saudi, he received the Kuwaiti nationality a few years ago. VICE is lying about that guy being one of the elite or top ''government officials''. He's a soldier in the army, how many guys from the elite families are soldiers? The Kuwaiti military are mostly bedouins and Bedoon, the elite families view the military as beneath them.

    Recently, VICE released an article where they portrayed Kuwait as the beacon of freedom and liberty in the GCC:

    Now VICE is trying to portray Kuwait as a totalitarian police state.

    The government can't control everything that happens in Kuwait. There will always be people with illegal pets, the same way there will always be people who get their hands on drugs and alcohol. There is no evidence that swakll is the same guy whose lion mauled a maid, the VICE reporter is not reliable.

  2. Nicely said and very informative! I would vote for you if you ran for office. You are correct in stating rich people do not enter military although I have seen some enter as pilots or higher ranking because they went through the academy and were college educated.


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