Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Russian caught with Alcohol

A Russian national was nailed by security officers for trafficking in alcohol, and 345 bottles of exotic liquor were confiscated from his possession. An Interior Ministry press release said the Drug Control General Department was tipped-off about the activities of the suspect, and he was placed under surveillance by detectives until the information was confirmed. Armed with search and arrest warrant from the Public Prosecution, the officers raided the apartment of the suspect and also conducted a search inside his car where they recovered 345 bottles of imported liquor. He admitted ownership of the contraband, but claimed they were for his personal use. He was referred with the contraband to concerned authorities.

Damn, this man had some premium alcohol. I bet they will 'destroy' it like they did recently with a bulldozer. I wonder how much of it was actually 'destroyed' by drinking? No way the alcohol was 'destroyed' I'm sure the bottles were filled with tea or something to make it look like they did their job.

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